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About Us

Our job at Campus Compact is to educate college students to become active citizens who are well-equipped to develop creative solutions to society’s most pressing issues.

See how some
students are
leading effort
to aid hungry
and homeless

We turn students into citizens

Our track record is unmatched. Since 1985, Campus Compact has engaged more than 20 million students in service and service-learning, and participation rates keep rising. Each year, our member students work in thousands of communities, both locally and globally, to provide desperately needed services such as:

  • Tutoring at-risk youth in reading and math
  • Building houses for low-income families
  • Conducting environmental safety studies
  • Caring for the sick, the hungry, the homeless, and the elderly

These students provide more than $5.7 billion annually in service within their communities. But they do more than volunteer. They build strong community partnerships. They lobby Congress. They start their own nonprofit agencies. They learn to apply their knowledge in ways that will bring about lasting change. And Campus Compact gives them the skills and resources to do it.

We have the reach to make a lasting difference

  • As a presidents organization, Campus Compact’s reach extends across campus, allowing a coordinated approach to building community programs.
  • We develop and spread effective practices through a multifaceted approach that combines research, policy work, fundraising, and training.
  • Our extensive print and online resources have helped thousands of campuses form effective community partnerships, combine service with academics, and nurture student leaders by providing real-world learning experiences.
  • Our unique structure, with a national office and 34 state affiliates, allows us to provide national advocacy and leadership as well as on-the-ground programs.

How have we been able to achieve so much?

Starting in 1985 by four committed leaders, our coalition has grown to some 1,200 college and university presidents — representing more than a quarter of all American higher education institutions. Together, we have made educating citizens a national priority.

I have seen that this work is bringing hope to one generation, which in turn will help future generations."

-Siramene Abraham, Florida Campus Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA member, Miami Dade College