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Annual Membership Survey

2012 Annual Membership Survey is now closed

Campus Compact’s Annual Membership Survey has closed. Your institution’s participation in this national survey is very important.

1. As a first step, we encourage primary institutional contacts to download the 2012 Annual Membership Survey PDF document and use it to determine responses before entering and completing the online survey itself.

2. Once you have gathered and determined your responses, you may then obtain and complete the 2012 Annual Membership Survey online (link deactivated).

Conducted each year since 1986, the survey is the most comprehensive and widely distributed review of service, service-learning, and civic engagement in higher education. Through this instrument, we are able to calculate student and faculty involvement in service and service-learning, measure campus infrastructure for community engagement, understand faculty roles and rewards, determine alumni engagement, and receive valuable feedback about Campus Compact member services.

Results allow campuses to compare their progress with state and national trends and help all of us better articulate our case to elected officials, funders, and the media.

The deadline for completion of the survey was Friday, December 14, 2012.

For the best results, we urge primary institutional contacts to upload 2012 Annual Membership Survey PDF version, collect information from colleagues on campus, and then enter the institution’s responses to the online survey.

We also encourage you to review a list of Frequently Asked Questions prepared this year to assist those entering responses on behalf of their institution.

Survey results will be posted on our website in the spring of 2013. You can view last year’s Executive Summary here.

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Wittman Ph. D. at survey {at} compact(.)org or by phone: 617.357.1881, x 205.

Thank you for helping us advance civic engagement in higher education.


Maureen F. Curley
Campus Compact

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who should fill out the annual membership survey?
Campus Compact invites primary contacts (community service directors) at member institutions to complete the survey. Often this person collects data from many on campus to complete the questions and sometimes may receive assistance from others in various departments (registrar, institutional research, alumni relations, etc.).

2. How do we know which questions will be asked on the survey?
Refer to the list of questions found at for the national portion of the survey. Once again, some states have also arranged to add state-specific questions to the survey, and will be communicating with primary campus contacts in various ways about those.

3. Where do we access the online survey?
Refer to the survey link found on the Campus Compact website at

4. May we submit our campus response in any other format?
Campus Compact utilizes to facilitate the gathering of survey responses from hundreds of institutions. This online survey format makes data collection efficient and cost effective. Survey responses submitted via email, fax, mail, etc. cannot be accepted at this time.

5. Do we need to complete the survey in one sitting?
No, but it is encouraged. There is no username and password associated with your response, so the survey must be completed from a single computer. Responses will be saved on each page of the survey as you advance to the next. If you have enabled cookies on your computer, you may return to the survey web link at any time to change/add responses before submitting the completed survey. To learn more about enabling cookies on your computer, visit Once you select the “submit” button on the last page of the survey, you will not be able to edit or return. Please make sure that you have completed all survey questions with the best available data before selecting the submit button.

6. How long will the survey take to complete?
Respondents who utilize the list of questions provided at to collect data and prepare answers in advance can expect to spend less than 20 minutes completing the online survey.

7. Are these the same questions asked last year?
Yes and no. Some survey questions are asked every year in the Campus Compact membership survey, while some are asked every other year. The 2012 survey is very similar to the 2010 survey, which allows for comparison over time.

8. What if we don’t know the answer to a particular question?
We encourage you to seek assistance and information from others at the institution before you sit down to complete the survey online.

9. What do we do if the survey won’t advance to the next page?
Check to see that all required questions have been answered on the page. A red error message can be found above each individual question that has been completed incorrectly or has been skipped. Make sure to respond to numerical questions with only numerical responses.

10. How do we know that the survey response was submitted successfully?
Once you select the “submit” button on the last page of the survey, you will see a thank you page and then will be directed to The system will not allow another response from the same computer thereafter. Also, state Campus Compact affiliate staff receive reports every Monday of the survey period indicating which institutions have completed the survey. If the response is submitted early in the survey period, it is much easier to confirm this submission with them.

11. How does our state Campus Compact staff know if our survey is complete?
All survey responses are date and time stamped. State Campus Compact affiliate staff receive reports every Monday of the survey period indicating which institutions have completed the survey. Using this information, staff often follow up with individual institutions. Some even offer survey incentives and keep track of which institutions complete the survey first to reward them.

12. How do we get a copy of the responses?
You are encouraged to print the list of questions and record responses on it in advance of completing the survey online. There is no option to print responses from within the survey itself. In many cases, state Campus Compact staff will provide individual response reports to institutions following the national analysis of the data.

13. May we get a copy of the institution’s response to last year’s survey?
State Campus Compact affiliates may be able to assist you with this if staff time permits. Each state has access to the raw data submitted for the 2011 annual survey, but extracting and formatting response data from a single institution requires staff time. Please keep this in mind when making this type of request. Not all affiliates will be able to accommodate within a time frame that will be helpful for completing this year’s survey.

14. Are responses confidential?
Campus Compact will use the data collected through the annual survey to report information to the public in the aggregate only. Both national and state summaries may be utilized to educate others about the collective efforts of our membership. A single response submitted on behalf of an institution will only be shared with relevant contacts at that institution.

15. Who else on my campus has been asked to complete the survey?
Campus Compact initially invites primary contacts (CSD directors) at member institutions to complete the survey. State staff have multiple ways of communicating with those at member institutions as well, and often do so to remind all of the importance of the survey. We encourage collaboration on campus to complete the survey questions. In the event that multiple responses are received for a single institution, Campus Compact will contact those who have completed the survey to determine which response should be kept.

16. Why are we entering information about the 2011-2012 academic year, when the survey is titled 2012 Membership Survey?
Campus Compact recognizes that data collection takes time and collaboration on our member campuses. Therefore, we seek to collect annual survey data in the fall following each traditional academic year.

17. What is meant by “academic year 2011-2012”? Does this include summer sessions? What if the institution operates on trimesters?
Institutions determine for themselves what to consider an academic year, often based on guidance from their state and parameters within their internal record keeping systems. Campus Compact expects that the data reported in the annual survey is representative of the 2011-2012 academic year as defined by the institution. It is most important that same method for determining the academic year be utilized consistently over time so as to avoid double reporting on the annual survey.

18. Is there a standard formula for calculating FTE?
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) is a formula used to record the total credit hours taken by students or hours worked by employees. This metric provides a standard way of measuring an institution’s student body, faculty, and staff. Institutions determine how to calculate FTE for themselves, often based on guidance from their state and parameters within their internal record keeping systems. Campus Compact expects that the FTE numbers reported in the annual survey are consistent with practice at a responding institution.

19. May we include graduate students in the data?
Yes. Though graduate student participation can be difficult to track, more and more Campus Compact member institutions are doing so.

20. What if we don’t know how Campus Compact defines a particular word used in the survey?
Campus Compact member institutions use terms differently from campus to campus. Therefore, it is difficult to determine definitions that suit all members. Rather than specify narrow definitions of terms like “service-learning” and “civic engagement,” Campus Compact asks that institutions interpret these as they would normally be utilized on campus.

21. What if we have additional questions?
If our FAQs have not yet addressed your questions, please contact Amanda Wittman Ph.D. at survey {at} compact(.)org or by phone at: 617.357.1881, x 205. We monitor that mailbox regularly and try our best to get you an answer within two business days of your email. Please be sure to include your email and phone number with your query.

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