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Annual Membership Survey

2013-2104 Annual Membership Survey to be launched mid-October 2014

Conducted each year since 1986, Campus Compact’s member survey is the most comprehensive and widely distributed review of service, service-learning, and civic engagement in higher education. This instrument calculates student and faculty involvement in service and service-learning, measures campus infrastructure for community engagement, describes faculty roles and rewards, determines alumni engagement, and solicits valuable feedback about Campus Compact member services. Results allow institutions to compare their progress with state and national trends and helps better articulate the case for community engagement to elected officials, funders, and the media. The survey allows the Compact to demonstrate progress toward our mission of supporting growth and depth in higher education community engagement.

This year’s survey is being prepared in partnership with TreeTop Commons, LLC, a company that develops cloud-based software that fosters community engagement. Plan now to complete the survey between mid-October and December 12, 2014. Your institution’s participation in this national survey is very important.  Together we will be able to develop a greater understanding of today’s trends and practices in higher education community engagement.


There is no more important organization in this state than Florida Campus Compact when it comes to encouraging and supporting higher education service-learning and civic engagement. Florida Campus Compact has played an invaluable role in helping Miami Dade College expand, improve, and highlight our programs."

-John Young, College-wide Director, Center for Community Involvement, Miami Dade College