Creating faculty reward and evaluation systems that take faculty community based work into account is a critical step in moving a campus toward engagement. Below you will find a wealth of material — handbooks, policies, criteria — from colleges and universities that have grappled with this issue.

Reprinted from the New England Resource Center for Higher Education (NERCHE)Working Paper #19, Rewarding Faculty, Professional Service by KerryAnn O'Meara
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California State University Long Beach
Community Service Learning Center: Retention, Tenure, & Promotion Document
(CCPH web site)

Portland State University
Policies and Procedures for Evaluation of Faculty for Tenure. Definitions, Documentation, Criteria for Excellence, Evaluators, Faculty Development.
portland.pdf (1.3MB)

Michigan State University
Four Dimensions of Quality Outreach. Matrix for Evaluating the Quality of Outreach Activities. Through series of questions presents components of Documentation, Criteria for Excellence, Evaluators.
michigan.pdf (320K)

IUPUI Task Force on Service Report. Definitions, Documentation, Criteria for Excellence, Evaluators, Faculty Development.
iupui.pdf (960K)

Montclair State University
Faculty Scholarship Incentive Program. University- Faculty Union agreement. Comprehensive Weighting System Program.
montclair.pdf (512K)

University of Georgia
Public Service Rank: Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure Comprehensive Faculty Profiles Program.
georgia.pdf (1.1MB)

University of Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Idea and Outreach. Definitions, Documentation, Criteria for Excellence, Evaluators.
wisconsin.pdf (256K)

Golden Gate University
Promotion and Tenure Documents. Definitions, Documentation, Criteria for Excellence, Evaluators. Weighting System.
ggu.pdf (1.1MB)

SUNY Buffalo
Evaluation in School of Education. Definition, Criteria for Excellence.
sunybuffalo.pdf (192K)

CSU Monterey Bay
Interim Criteria for Promotion and Tenure. Definitions, Documentation, Evaluators.
csumontereybay.pdf (192K)

Hampshire College
Faculty Handbook. Faculty Profile.
hampshire.pdf (128K)

U.C. Davis
1991 Report on Service. Definitions.
ucdavis.pdf (448K)

Univ. of Alabama
Merit Pay Program. Documentation. Forms.
alabama.pdf (256K)

Southern Arkansas Univ.
Annual Review of Faculty Performance. Forms, Documentation. Criteria.
s-arkansas.pdf (576K)

Drury College
Faculty Handbook.Forms. Criteria. Faculty Development.
drury.pdf (320K)

College of Charleston
Faculty Manual. Definition, Documentation, Criteria.
charleston.pdf (512K)

Elon College
Faculty Evaluation System. Definitions.
elon.pdf (320K)

U.C. San Diego
Report of Task Force on Faculty Reward System. Definitions, Documentation, Criteria, Faculty Development.
ucsandiego.pdf (704K)

Kennesaw State
Faculty Activity Reports on Service. Faculty Profiles/Weighting Systems.
kennesaw.pdf (192K)

Nicholls State University
Promotion and Tenure Documents. Criteria of Excellence.
nicholls.pdf (64K)

Sam Houston State
Promotion and Tenure Documents. Criteria, Forms.
samhouston.pdf (128K)

Kansas State University
Effective Faculty Evaluation. Definitions, Evidence, Criteria.
kansas.pdf (576K)

Middle Tennessee State
Promotion and Tenure Documents. Definition, Documentation.
midtennessee.pdf (512K)

Milligan College
Faculty Development for Service Forms.
milligan.pdf (192K)

Univ. of Memphis
Report on Faculty Roles and Rewards. Definitions. Recommendations for Faculty Awards on Service.
memphis.pdf (704K)

Univ. of Utah
Evaluating Service- Learning as a Component of Teaching in the Tenure Process.
utah.pdf (128K)

Queens College
Service Dossier Recommendations and Form.
queens.pdf (768K)

Univ. of Illinois
Faculty Guide for Relating Public Service to Promotion and Tenure. Definitions, Examples of Kinds of Service. Documentation, Criteria, Evaluators. Advice on preparing service dossier for tenure.
illinois.pdf (320K)