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Civic Engagement Resources

Campus Compact has compiled a wide variety of resources designed to help colleges and universities create effective programs to increase students’ civic knowledge and to create engaged campuses.

Resource Title
Campus Compact Service Statistics
A More Perfect Vision: The Future of Campus Engagement
Advanced Service-Learning Toolkit for Academic Leaders: Strategies for Creating an Engaged Campus
Advice to the President
Am I Missing Something?
Campus Compact Publications on Civic Engagement
Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement
Civic Engagement in Higher Education: Concepts and Practices
Civic Engagement in Higher Education: Reflection, Power, Evaluation, Risk Management
Civic Engagement, a publication from The School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers
For a Better America
Funding and Fostering Local Democracy
How Campuses Can Create Engaged Citizens: The Student View
How Young People Develop Long-Lasting Habits of Civic Engagement: A Conversation on Building a Research Agenda
Jobs for Change
Looking Back, Moving Forward: 20th Anniversary Stories and Priorities (2014)
Millennials Talk Politics: A Study of College Student Civic Engagement
New Times Demand New Scholarship
Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
Presidents’ Declaration on the Civic Responsibility of Higher Education
Quotes on civic engagement
Research Brief: How Can Engaged Campuses Improve Student Success in College?
Research University Engaged Scholarship Toolkit
Rural Alliance for Service Learning
Soul of a Citizen: Living With Conviction in a Cynical Time
Talloires Global Project Handbook
Voices of Hope: The Story of the Jane Addams School for Democracy
Why Community Matters: Connecting Education with Civic Life

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The information provided on your reflection website is valuable beyond words. I found many useful tools for revising my reflection strategies to better engage my students."

-Boise State University