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Contact Us

The list below contains information on national staff and who to contact for the most frequently asked questions about Campus Compact membership and services. For general inquires, email campus {at} compact(.)org.

Campus Compact is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and accepts donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. To donate to Campus Compact, contact Maggie Grove at mgrove {at} compact(.)org.

Members of the media should contact Emily Wood, Director of Communications, at (617) 357-1881 ext. 206 or ewood {at} compact(.)org

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Campus Compact National Staff

Andrew Seligsohn, Ph.D., President
Phone: (617) 357-1881, ext. 201
aseligsohn {at} compact(.)org

Shana Berger, Project Director, Connect2Complete
Phone: (617) 357-1881, ext. 209
sberger {at} compact(.)org

Maggie Grove, Director of Operations
Phone: (617) 357-1881, ext. 207
mgrove {at} compact(.)org
(For questions on college student philanthropy, developing state Compacts, and Campus Compact National Members)
(For questions on public policy and the Presidents’ Declaration on Civic Responsibility)

Bruce Hain, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (617) 357-1881, ext. 203
bhain {at} compact(.)org

Betty Johnson, Membership and Administrative Coordinator
Phone: (617) 357-1881, ext. 204
bjohnson {at} compact(.)org
(For inquires on membership and list rentals)

Emily Wood, Director of Communications
Phone: (617) 357-1881 ext. 206
ewood {at} compact(.)org


Mailing Address

Campus Compact
45 Temple Place
Boston, MA 02111

Phone: (617) 357-1881
Fax: (617) 357-1889

State Affiliate Contact Information

State Campus Compact List and Information

Campus Compact has been helpful in a variety of ways, providing support as we develop and grow our programs. The visibility we have received has been very important in keeping the work very present and in the forefront on campus."

-Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran, President, Kalamazoo College