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Brandi Loga, Alvernia University

Brandi Loga is a visible and respected student leader on campus. Among many contributions, her most impressive accomplishment was her work this past fall with a large group of inner city girls from Reading, Pennsylvania, among the poorest cities in the country. Ms. Loga led a team of students who designed a campus-wide Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education program delivered to 270 middle-school Girl Scouts. Not only did she recruit several dozen fellow students to serve as instructors for the program but she also led members of Alvernia’s faculty in designing the curriculum and organizing the program. This project received universally high praise from the participants and instructors. It has led to an evolving partnership with the Girl Scouts and has great potential to have a profound impact on our city’s youth. In addition to her work with the Scouts, Ms. Loga is the Biology Team Lead and Laboratory Assistant; an Eco-Fun-Day leader, which provides environmental education to 500 sixth-grade students annually; has served as a leader for Project Exploration, which provides free science education to 100 middle-school students; and is an organizer and student leader for “Science Day” which teaches students to complete science experiments in a laboratory.

Thanks to Campus Compact for all that you have done over the years to nurture the campus service and service-learning movement. When we started at St. A's 15 years ago there was a feeling among some campuses that we were seeing higher education's latest 'flash in the pan.' Instead it was the beginning of a revolution of ideas and relationships, and you guys have been fueling us all the way."

-Daniel Forbes, Director, Meelia Center for Community Service, Saint Anselm College