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Grover Diemer, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Northeast Region

Grover Diemer, a third-year human services student at Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, chose his major because he wants to help his community. His goal is to be a counselor, and his many service endeavors have given him the opportunity to begin helping others. He regularly volunteers at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission and the Veterans Affairs hospital providing needed services and uplifting spirits, along with participating in every campus and community service activity he can fit into his schedule. He views these opportunities as chances to learn about helping and counseling while he is actively participating in service activities. Upon graduating, he will have more time to dedicate to the service work he loves, and there is no doubt he will do even greater things in the future.

I have always had a drive to serve others and work for the common good. But I never fully realized that I could go beyond volunteerism--that my opinion and hard work could influence policy decisions. My views changed when I sat in the office of one of my legislators in Washington, DC."

-Amanda Coffin, University of Maine at Farmington, Campus Compact student leader