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Katelynn Taylor, Indiana State University

Katelynn Taylor, a junior at Indiana State University, has worked to help improve the health status of underserved and uninsured residents through her capacity building activities at St. Ann’s Clinic. Her involvement at St. Ann’s has included serving as an AmeriCorps member through Sycamore Service Corps and a service-learning student participating in the first cohort of the university’s Service-Learning Scholars program. Katelynn observed through her interactions with the director that administrators were dedicating an extraordinary amount of time training and re-training short-term volunteers. Katelynn helped solve this problem by developing the first training manual for volunteers. The manual has helped save the administrative staff a great of time that they can now dedicate to fundraising and program development. Katelynn also has helped organize the pharmacy at the center. St. Ann’s Clinic receives donations of pharmaceuticals from many sources. Katelynn draws upon her science background by cataloguing donated pharmaceuticals and assisting in their disbursement. Katelynn has exhibited throughout her college career the initiative and motivation of a future service-minded community leader. 

Thanks to Campus Compact for all that you have done over the years to nurture the campus service and service-learning movement. When we started at St. A's 15 years ago there was a feeling among some campuses that we were seeing higher education's latest 'flash in the pan.' Instead it was the beginning of a revolution of ideas and relationships, and you guys have been fueling us all the way."

-Daniel Forbes, Director, Meelia Center for Community Service, Saint Anselm College