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How to join

How you join Campus Compact depends on whether a Compact affiliate exists in your state. Campuses in states with a regional affiliate join through their state affiliate, other campuses join through the national office.

If you are interested in joining Campus Compact as a national member, please contact Lauren Ko at lko {at} compact(.)org.

Institutions outside of the United States are also welcome to join Campus Compact. Get information on how to join as an international member.


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As always, we are such fans of Campus Compact (both national and state chapters). Without your assistance, we could not have achieved many of the milestones we have enjoyed over the past two years. Among many other developments, these milestones include hiring a full-time Service-Learning Coordinator; forming a University-wide advisory committee that includes representatives from each school and from the community; and creating a course development series for faculty and their community partners."

-Duquesne University