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Internships: The Community-Based Learning Project (CBLP)

Claremont University - CA, California

Teachers who study at Claremont University in California are challenged to think about the lives of the people they serve through the Community-Based Learning Project (CBLP). The CBLP is a broad partnership between local government, business, and undergraduate and graduate education at Claremont, coming together to serve low-income residents of the local area. Prospective teachers who enroll in the Teacher Service Internship Program are given a fellowship to live and study in the low-income neighborhood served by the CBLP. In this way, future teachers get to interact with children and their families outside of the school environment, while community residents become more familiar with their children s teachers and are able to give them feedback.

From Service Matters 1998: Engaging Higher Education In the Renewal of America s Communities and American Democracy


As always, we are such fans of Campus Compact (both national and state chapters). Without your assistance, we could not have achieved many of the milestones we have enjoyed over the past two years. Among many other developments, these milestones include hiring a full-time Service-Learning Coordinator; forming a University-wide advisory committee that includes representatives from each school and from the community; and creating a course development series for faculty and their community partners."

-Duquesne University