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The Urban Citizen

University of Colorado at Denver - CO, Colorado

In the University of Colorado at Denver political science department’s “”The Urban Citizen”", students gained experiential knowledge of urban problems through both classroom-based course work and 40-50 hours of course-required community service. The course, which has now become a permanent offering of the department, combined readings and lectures on democratic theory, urban public policies and political participation with discussions and 40-50 hours of course-required community service work. Readings ranged from Plato and Rousseau to contemporary works such as “”Lobbying for Social Change”" and “”Community and the Politics of Place”". The course also drew upon presentations by urban leaders and community members to render perspectives on the causes of urban problems and citizens’ roles in their solutions. The pilot course’s speakers included an African-American woman who had cycled in and out of welfare and who is a veteran of Desert Storm, political theorist Mike Cummings, a woman involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit and a Native American activist.

Contact: Jana Everett, Political Science Dept, at Jana.Everett {at} cudenver(.)edu or 303 556 3513


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