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Student Leadership Conference

Claremont McKenna College - CA, California
President: Pamela Gann

The Student Leadership Conference was designed to help provide those who serve in leadership positions – student government officers, club and organization presidents, athletic team captains, and resident assistants – with the basic skills they will need to be successful. The Conference helps students recognize that they have, can, and should exercise responsibility for themselves and for others. The programming has included workshops and sessions, which address topics such as: ethics, establishing and managing priorities, self-assessments, community service and volunteerism; and diversity. The Conference has been a very useful tool for helping students learn how to help themselves, learn to respect the rights and opinions of others, and learn that to make a difference they must be proactive.


There is no more important organization in this state than Florida Campus Compact when it comes to encouraging and supporting higher education service-learning and civic engagement. Florida Campus Compact has played an invaluable role in helping Miami Dade College expand, improve, and highlight our programs."

-John Young, College-wide Director, Center for Community Involvement, Miami Dade College